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  1. sagad

    I Have Mx Gp Limited Edition 2013.. My Top Speed Is Just 100kph

    i agree kasi napa 130 ko classic ko dati eh..hehe! @TS change ka ng rearsprocket mo...maybe 40 will work sayo kasi medyo mabigat ka. kung alam mo pakinggan makina mo..try mo isagad per gearshift mo..para makuha mo agad topspeed..gawin mo sya sa long straight road.
  2. sagad

    Esc (elite Sniper Club) Of Pampanga.x1r,135,150,modification Book 2

    get a leave so you can join..haha :p whats the performance of your little monster now?
  3. sagad

    Big Power

    Hi sir @tabi1 :). Seems like your bike is going on a non-stop transformation now :D. About your questions..I think 200cc is the biggest displacement that a LC135 bike can go. And about the UMA kit, it is the best proven and tested aftermarket product out there. You just have makes some tweaks...
  4. sagad

    High Fuel Consumption

    yes sir :thumbsup: higher than that will mean higher gas consumption.
  5. sagad

    My New Ride

    I think it's just the same as 2012 model in terms of engine, they only changed the decals..;)
  6. sagad

    New Ride - New Looks

    congrats sir tabi..that was a nice quick change in decals :inlove: red edition of the GP blue..:cool:
  7. sagad

    Good Mechanic - Angeles City - Plus Advice

    thats nice :dance:! say hello to sir Nacz from SCOT Tarlac :D keep us updated on your little monster soon..:cool:
  8. sagad

    Good Mechanic - Angeles City - Plus Advice

    Thats a good choice bro. :thumbsup: Have you contacted sir Nacs already?
  9. sagad

    High Fuel Consumption

    yeah could be your spark plug..better change it bro. Or check your valve clearance it must be high. .10 - .08 is the normal valve clearance.
  10. sagad

    Scot T135

    hi! :D wala na nagpopost d2..hehe!
  11. sagad

    Good Mechanic - Angeles City - Plus Advice

    what model did you get sir?
  12. sagad

    Vr46 Is Coming To Town. ^_^

  13. sagad

    F/s Ahm M1 Spr Shorty, Ahm M1 Longy(standard Elbow)

    yung ahm shorty sir..:D
  14. sagad

    Good Mechanic - Angeles City - Plus Advice

    no problem sir...we are here to help..:thumbsup: