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    Welcome to Maldives Bikers Forum

    Add some video's and pics
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    Performance Parts

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the following parts 1. BRT racing tuneup cdi 2. AHM exhaust 3. 30mm Racing carb Please pm with prices and shipping to Maldives. Payment through paypal.
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    Welcome to Maldives Bikers Forum

    Hey guys.. Please post the pics of the latest racing event
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    please pm me the prices for all your items. and shipping charges to Maldives.
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    Project T135 to R135

    I want to convert a t135 to look like a r125. also performance is a must.
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    Project T135 to R135

    Help me out convert a T135lc to a racing full body bike. its a new project aint it? lets give it some effort. masters of t135lc any ideas?
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    BlueThunder Racing Coil

    Hey bro traxxas can you pm me the price for this?
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    super engine upgrade package

    can u please send me the price and shipping cost to Maldives.
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    FOR sale : 2nd hand HGM pipe

    How much are you selling this for? and whats the shipping price?
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    Fairings or Coverset

    Hi guys i need a cover set for my bike. something which is cheap and black in color. please find me one for jupiter mx 135lc
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    Yamaha jupiter parts &accessories

    hi raalhu abulho, what parts are you talking about?
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    please pm me the price and shipping price to maldives.
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    " ALL NEW MX-1 " from indonesia

    Pm me the price for this please.. thank you including shipping to Maldives
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    X1r Bodykit

    can these be fitted to our jupiter mx? :roll:
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    FS: Rextor Adjustable CDI for T135 and Other Bikes

    I received the CDI today! :D :D :D