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    don't have much background what she really did for the filipinos but by watching the funeral march, i simply say "she's a great leader in her time" may you rest in peace ma'am cory
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    2009 MOTO GP

    i've seen the race last sunday, it's a breathtaking finish for both the yamaha riders...
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    Krrrtt engine sound

    OMG, i almost have that same odo reading, mine is at 31000kms already and now im having a noisy engine sound at low rpm and my mechanic said it might be the conrod...but no change in the performance though, i have to investigate when ill open it...update us with the deffect bro. ride safe
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    whats the next best to yamaha t135

    sir traxx i would suggest you go for nouvo z instead of mio, mio is a bit costly on gas (inefficient), even consumes more gas than the sniper...
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    FS: Rextor Adjustable CDI for T135 and Other Bikes

    i can't wait to receive my rextor...tnx bro traxx...one trusted seller!!!...up for you bro...
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    brake-in techniques

    agree on motoman...hard break in for me
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    Water in oil problem

    if water will mix with oil, i guess there'll be some white spots on it...if this happens, for sure there's a leak somewhere in your cylinder gasket, go to your dealer and let them check right away bro...check the coolent, if level lowers down, it simply means you need to check it asap...water...
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    XADO " Revolution in Automotive Technology "

    i have a supply of the xado here in the philippines...those who are interested in buying it just contact me at my number 0929 4013752/0918 9073274 francis. first stage of this is the vitaflush which we need to run it for atleast 400kms before oil change. the 2nd stage is the xado which come...
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    carb modification

    traxxas bro can you just remove that choke butterfly? i thin kits almost useless to the carb...right? i've done it before wih my honda xrm...and it works still good...
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    rear disk

    bro, just for the info to everybody...it was a bad experience with a bike having a rear disk brake (suzuki raider R150)...me and my friends are driving the same bikes at around 90kph when suddenly a yamaha X1 rider came to overtake us, our last rider twist on the throttle and tried to race with...
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    “YAMAHA EVOLUTION 2008" - Philippines

    can someone post the exact day of each event pls? i wanna see the show also...and is it confirmed that rossi will be there? what day in particular bro's? this will be a much awaited event of the year...go go go yamaha! see you there bro's....
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    Survey for T135 Members.

    a lot of fil guys using T135...welcome to all of you bro! and to all T135 owners...ride safe to all...
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    oni bro what's the brand of your inverted fork? where did you bought it bro? TIA...cool
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    For Sale: Transparent Fenderless with shock protector

    up for this product and the seller...tnx for the info bro job...i'll give you a call someday...still earning for that big block kit
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    hello bro's...sorry for the OT, i just need your feedbacks...from philippines here. where can i buy a F/E (fender eliminator) set for my sniper, the one with back fairings? so i don't have to cut my original fairings...is it available in the market? TIA