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Recent content by arsenz

  1. arsenz

    Sir Tulong Naman

    wala naman. mix lang yan sa oil mo. change oil needed bro...
  2. arsenz

    Poorman's Koso Temperature Adaptor

    bro pm price & san pwede pick up tnx
  3. arsenz

    F/S brand new SOLCAR ignition switch and LHS s/s cover

    pm me too boss sa solcar salamat
  4. arsenz

    For Sale Mtrt 4th Gear

    -pa pm po ng price
  5. arsenz

    FS: 2011 T135 version 25mm carb with TPS

    sir pa pm naman po ng price salamat..
  6. arsenz

    For Sale: Assorted Parts

    paps pa pm fork stabilizer....
  7. arsenz

    Show your pipes exhaust

    yes bro, rextor rcdi, TK racing valve spring, vixion racing cam, oil filter racing type, removed thermostat my secret......and ....relay the RCDI...
  8. arsenz

    Show your pipes exhaust

  9. arsenz

    Show your pipes exhaust

    mura lang pero my dulo 130kph mjet 105 vixion 150cc angkas pa si misis....
  10. arsenz

    Removing Decompression Assembly

    dont ever removed decompression assy? cam gear assy price 3.700....yamaha montalban rizal.
  11. arsenz

    TOPSPEED of your T135??

    yes bro. subok kuna pang dulo talaga gawa niya...
  12. arsenz

    What Is The Size Of The Main Jet And Pilot Jet Of A Stock Carb?

    stock carb mainjet 103.5 pilot jet 20 hand clutch. main jet lang change mo mj 105 matipid parin. yan gamit ko sa vixion bore kit ko 150cc. top speed 130kph angkas pa si misis ko....
  13. arsenz

    TOPSPEED of your T135??

    gawang grotto bulacan price 3,500 full stainless bro. sa facebook bro my pix sa acount ko, [email protected]
  14. arsenz

    Koso Digital speedo + Big carb = Overheat icon blinking

    removed the thermostat bro. 4 yrs kunang gamit no overheat.
  15. arsenz

    Rextor Ignition Problem

    palagyan munang 12v bosch relay direct to battery para hindi over voltage ang rexror mo. my rextor 4 yrs old kunang gamit no problem. carb mjet 105 stock top speed 130kph.